Co-founders Tom Zanelli and Cameron Mitchell fuelled their love for LEGO® into a booming business. However, their journey to transform this passion into a full-time job was once deemed impossible in their minds whilst growing up.

Brick Borrow, is a revolutionary service that allows you to enjoy a vast collection of LEGO® sets without cluttering your home. LEGO® toy bricks have always captivated children's imaginations, but their high cost can often be prohibitive for many families. Brick Borrow is changing the game b
y significantly reducing the entry cost and making this fantastic toy accessible to more children than ever before.

If we weren't using Shiptheory we would have to employ at least ten more people doing manual tasks. It saves us so much time, hundreds of hours, and we've only been using it for a couple of months.

Brick Borrow interview

We spoke to Brick Borrow co-founders Tom Zanelli and Cameron Mitchell to learn how Shiptheory's allowing them to build their business to new heights.
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