Integrating Magento with Royal Mail is easy. No more typing Royal Mail shipping labels.
Your Magento orders can be automatically sent to Royal Mail using our flexible shipping rules engine

  • Automate your shipping tasks.

    Print labels, update tracking numbers and notify customers.

  • Save your company time.

    You’ll never have to type another label again.

  • Easy shipping rule management

    Formulate simple & complex shipping rules.

  • Save your company money.

    Ship smarter, save money.


Common Royal Mail Magento answers to get you started.
  • Q: Does Shiptheory support Royal Mail enhancements?

    A: Yes. Royal Mail enhancements such as additional insurances are supported.

  • Q: Does Shiptheory work with DMO?

    A: Shiptheory works along side DMO although you do not need to login to DMO to print labels.

  • Q: How do Customs Documents work?

    A: You no longer need to complete separate custom documents, Shiptheory generates and prints customs documents automatically.

  • Q: Does Shiptheory work with OBA?

    A: Shiptheory replaces your current Royal Mail OBA system, automating your label generation.