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Retail Management Hero by PSS is a complete POS solution that makes it easy for retailers to manage their point-of-sale and back-office functions. Seamlessly optimize inventory management and simplify the purchasing process.

Getting Set Up with Shiptheory and RMH

A step-by-step guide to enabling the Shiptheory module in Positive Systems Solutions' RMH.
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RMH and Shiptheory FAQs

Any questions about how RMH integrates with Shiptheory? Hopefully, we've got the answers!
  • What shipping carriers are supported?

    Shiptheory has 50+ carriers, but within the RMH Shiptheory module, users can access the following carriers: DPD, GLS, DHL and An Post.

  • What printer can I use to print labels within the module?

    You can print a label on any S4 printer provided the printer is available to the PC you are running Shiptheory from. It is recommended to ask your shipping couriers if they supply a dedicated printer when setting up your account.

  • Where can I learn more about Retail Management Hero EPOS system?

    For more info, please contact Positive Systems Solutions on +35316296058 or visit

  • How many carriers can I use?

    You can have as many shipping carriers as you would like - whether using Shiptheory natively or within RMH! Within the POS screen, you can select the courier of choice when booking a shipment.

  • Do I need to integrate my website to use the RMH Shiptheory module?

    No, you can use this add-on for all accounts on your customer database in RMH. Likewise, using Shiptheory can work completely independent of your site and run in the background once set up.